Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thomas Kinkade

I was taken aback earlier this evening as my wife and I were talking. She had just logged on to her computer and came across a news article of Thomas Kinkade's death. Kinkade's work has been met with equal amounts of praise and utter disgust. I myself believe much of the hate is a reflection of how successful he was. Many so called art experts claim his work was bland tripe because his paintings were often of over idealistic locals and subjects. However isn't one of the main tenants of Art to evoke an emotional response? Having traveled to many art galleries across this country and meeting many individuals who would attest Kinkade's work did just that, I feel his work is quite valid and relevant.  Perhaps his detractors are so focussed on his mainstream success they never looked passed to see the beauty that he truly wanted to share.
The Wailing Wall - Thomas Kinkade

Most individuals who are familiar with Kinkade's work will often recognize his cottages and seascapes I found his "plein air" paintings to be some of my most favorite. I believe the "Wailing Wall" is perhaps one of his best but is not immediately recognizable as his because the style was so divergent from his mainstream work.  Part of a series of "plein air" studies he completed during a trip to Israel the image relies on a subtle limited color palette.

My Family with Patrick Kinkade in 2011. (L to R My son Dominick, Myself, My Wife Liz and Patrick Kinkade)
 Just under a year ago, I had the good fortune to meet Patrick Kinkade, Thomas's younger brother. He shared with me stories of growing up with Thom.  He also related several humorous stories of their trip to Israel. I found him to be quite down to Earth and funny. As we talked he looked to my son Dominick and asked if he had plans for college. When Dominick related that he was interested in film and animation Pat immediately turned his full attention to my son and began discussing which schools offer the best programs. One thing struck me as we talked you could hear the full range of emotions Patrick had for his brother; love, admiration, frustration and respect.

My thoughts and Prayer's go out to Patrick, Thom's wife Nannette and the rest Thom's family, he will be missed.

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