Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random thoughts: Falling Down

At some point we all fall down.... but its how and when we choose to get back up that define us!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The last year has been one wild ride. I have spent the majority of my free time developing some new "to me" techniques. I have focused a lot of energy at learning the the craft of Spray Paint art and how I can incorporate it into my own style.

Early on I was satisfied with using store bought canvas and  supports but as I grow, I am learning that you become limited to standard size and designs. For the piece below which is 24" x 48" I challenged myself to build my support from ground up. I can honestly say the process was very rewarding.

I used 2"x"2 to create a Mitered Cradle frame, which I then fastened the Masonite board to. In order to get that ultra smooth surface I had to apply 6 coats of Gesso (sanding between each coat). There is a lot more labor involved in creating the final work this way. Yet as an artist I find it more rewarding to say this entire work is mine.

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