Monday, March 25, 2013

Sketchbook 03.25.13: Disney / JLA mash up

A coworker asked me if I would do a sketch for a young man at her church who is autistic. He recently went through an operation and was having some difficulty. She was hoping to give him something to get his mind off the procedures he was going through. I asked what type of things he liked and she told me he was a huge Disney Fan and Donald Duck was his favorite character. So I started kicking ideas around in my head of what type of drawing to do. I pulled some old animation references for Donald's Facial expressions and remembered how angry He was and just how many funny situations that put him in. He was always yelling incoherently... Don't ask how but some how I pictured Donald in the Christian Bale Batman role. I guess it was his voice or something. One thing led to another and you have Donald "The Duck Night".

I wanted to team him up and figured if Donald was Batman... then Mickey had to be Superman. Plus looking at all the old school Mickey reference just put me in mind of Supe's with his hands on his hips.

Putting Goofy in the The Flash suit seamed the most logical choice, since Goofy was always doing something sports related. I could just see him running at super speed and tripping over his own two feet.

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